About Our Founder

Connor J. Heering


as the son of a successful entrepreneur, my passion for business had begun at a young age. Following in the footsteps of my father, I have always been inspired to start a business of my own. Given the importance social media now plays in the creation of successful advertisements, I began incorporating digital marketing into my professional capabilities. My talent for digital marketing really began to show when I created my own eCommerce brand called Camel Milk Cooperative in 2016. Within four years, I was able to build this niche business to over 6 figures/year. Following my passion and success in digital marketing, I began helping a variety of small and large businesses integrate into the world of online advertisement. I have had the pleasure of helping numerous brands ranging from eCommerce stores to non-profits and traditional retailers. Through my experience, I have become a Facebook and Google Certified Advertisement Expert. I take pride in creating a professional relationship with my clients that is built on trust and reliability. My goal while working with clients is to assist them in maximizing the true potential of their business.

Connor Heering